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Building neural networks from your data could not be simpler. Import your data from txt, csv, xls, bmp or binary files with just a few clicks. Grow a multi layer neural network that will learn from your data. Validate while the network is learning. Then test or query the network using new data to produce results and see which inputs are really important.  The grid in JustNN has no limit of number of rows and can have up to 1000 columns. The networks have no node or connection limits and are fast and very easy to use.  JustNN has no evaluation date or time limits.


Your data is imported into a grid and used to train a SwingNN neural network. The input values are forced to swing beyond the training limits. The output values are forecasted. A new neural network is created using the new inputs and forecasted outputs. The inputs are adjusted and another neural network is created. The process continues until a neural network is found that has characteristics close to the original but with inputs beyond the limits. That neural network is then used to produce new forecasts.  The new forecasts can be used to produce more forecasts.


EasyNN-plus is a fast, simple Windows program that can build neural networks from your data with a few clicks.  The neural networks make predicting, estimating and classifying easy. EasyNN-plus can use most forms of data. Your data is imported from txt, csv, xls, bmp or binary files. Advanced associating, clustering, querying, pruning and network editing facilities are included.  EasyNN-plus is already being used in currency and stock trading, investing, insurance, real estate, travel, health, sports, weather forecasting and much, much more.  EasyNN-plus will run on systems with any number of processors.





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